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Terms and conditions for Extended Warranty

Terms and conditions for Extended Warranty :

1. The warranty period will start from the date of purchase and will be valid as given below:

3 yearsfor the following series of products:

  • Lifestyle collection
  • Rattan collection.
  • Comfort collection.

1 year for the other series of products

2.The purchaser will be entitled to replacementin the mannerdetailed below:

  • 1st year – Free replacement;
  • 2nd year – 50% discount on the next purchase;
  • 3rd year – 25% discount on the next purchase.

3. The above discount will be calculated on the original purchase price of the product whose replacement is sought.

Example: For a product bought of Rs. 1000/-, replacement discount will be Rs. 1000/- (100%*1000/-) on the next product bought during the 1styear; Rs. 500/- (50%*1000/-) on the product bought during the 2nd year and; Rs. 250/- (25%*1000/-) on the product bought during the 3rd year

Warranty will not be applicable in following cases:

1. The Company will be under no warranty obligation or deemed to be in default for damage resulting from
causes beyond its reasonable control – “acts of nature” (e.g. strikes, floods, earthquakes etc.) or damage
caused by vandalism, etc. and delay in servicing due to non-availability of products / spare parts (for
assembled products) and / or accessories.
2. If used beyond its intended purpose, like climbing on, standing on, kneeling on, rocking, etc and any damage
due to same will not be covered under the warranty.
3. The warranty does not cover scratching, scuffing or other cosmetic damage that may result from normal use
of the product. In addition, defects resulting from intentional damage, physical damage, accidental cigarette
burns, scratches, rips and cuts, negligence or unreasonable use will render the warranty void.
4.If the product has been subjected to improper use, misused, not cared for, abnormal use,continuous or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and other extreme environmental conditions, accident, damage of product due to rodents
5. Damage to the product or any part(s) due to transportation or shifting or arising out of improper storage of
the product at the Distributor’s premises.
6. Warranty claims not accompanied by a dated sales receipt or proof of purchase will be rejected.